“Thanks to the professional and friendly team at thirteen05 creative, our website exemplifies our business method and approach as we see it. Through the layout, design, and information provided on our site, our clients really get a true and genuine sense of our business. We have received positive feedback on how easy our site is to navigate and clients have articulated how much our site gets them excited for our tours and cruises. We are so appreciative of the work that Fast Forward Marketing did for our site that is now driving our business to new heights.. Ours sales have never been better!  Thank you!”

Nikki DuBois
Boomerang Tours, Inc

“thirteen05 creative was recommended to me by my computer technician. From the very first phone call it was clear they knew what they were doing. Every question I had was answered promptly and to my full satisfaction. They worked fast and they did the job just the way I wanted it done. The final product was everything I had envisioned and more. I have no hesitation in giving thirteen05 creative my highest recommendation. They are fast, professional, and on budget. I have no doubt you will be very pleased with the result.”

Einar Myklebust
Therma Marine LLC

“From the beginning of discussions on a website design, Rich of thirteen05 creative was attentive and helpful in bringing our website to completion in an expeditious manner. The finished design was fresh, one might almost say “refreshing”, in completing a design for our flavor and beverage development business that won an Addy Award for design, increasing traffic to our site immediately. I would recommend thirteen05 to any business.”

James C. Burg, Crystal Lake Beverage, Inc

“thirteen05 creative was recommended to me originally to help with the major part of my advertisement for my new business. They helped with ideas on content and layout for my website that were outstanding. The final website for turned out to be one of the best I have ever seen!  Besides that, they’re very pleasant to work side by side with and their professionalism is incredible. I would highly recommend their skillful website designing team to anyone! Whether it’s your very first website being designed or have had websites before, I know you will be extremely pleased if you choose to work with thirteen05 creative!  You will not regret it,they are awesome!!!

Captain Robert Kidd
Captain Kidd’s Charters

“We have a small company with a limited advertising budget and have wasted money on Google and Yahoo pay per clicks with very disappointing results. Our Company’s website was designed by my son and needless to say he is not a website designer so we needed help.

A representative from thirteen05 creativemanaged to get my attention at a Home Show where I often feature my products.  I gave him our website to review and to get back with me on any thoughts of how thirteen05 creative could improve our website and help our company capture our share of potential business using the internet.

I am now extremely satisfied with the professional appearance of our website which helps bring credibility to our company in a very positive way.  I am also very satisfied with the staff and their level of concern for our company’s needs. We will be moving forward with having thirteen05 creative implement their plan to propel our company to the top of any web search regarding our business category. “

Stephen Masker
President, CEO
South Florida Water, Inc

“In today’s world, the web presence of a company is mandatory.  It has become a major influence on a potential client’s judgment of the company’s ‘image’.  Clients subconsciously determine a company’s solidity, reliability, and maturity based on first impressions from a web site; the internet having become the standard media from which information is gleaned.  When we reached the point in our development where we were ready to reach out to a wider audience, we knew that a web site would be an integral part of the plan.

An internet search looking for a local business who could help us led us to thirteen05 creative and we decided to work with them.  We simultaneously needed brochures, a trade show booth, and a web site to direct people to for more information.   The work that the team at thirteen05 creative provided us with allowed us to project as mature and professional of an image as we could given the youth of the company, all with a cohesive design theme.

Along the way since teaming up with them we have needed help with several technical issues such as email migration from our old server, which had previously been set up to secure a domain name for the company and provide ourselves with company email addresses.   The team was always swift with a response and solution, in a professional and friendly manner.

Although most of our business is not derived from leads made through online advertising, the web site has played a key role in establishing our image projection to the world, and for that we are grateful to thirteen05 creative for their artistic and technical expertise in making that happen.”

Robert Olexy
Bradenton, FL

“I am the owner/operator of a small, tourism-based business, serving the Tampa Bay area for over 40 years. Like many other business owners who rely on website traffic, I have recently become more aware of the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Having become frustrated by my competitors’ websites consistently producing better results than mine on various search engines, I decided to look for someone to help my business in this critical marketing area. This is how I found Rich Byrd at thirteen05 creative.

We first agreed upon a basic SEO update on my business’ website, and the initial results were nothing short of amazing: My site suddenly jumped to the top of a number of search engine rankings where it had previously been hard to find, while also dominating some search results where it had been completely absent!

At first, I hired Rich only to help with the SEO issues I was having, but soon realized how invaluable his spectrum of marketing knowledge is. Rich has now redesigned and rebuilt my website in order to enhance search engine rankings further, as well as creating a much more attractive, customer-friendly site.

I am still awestruck with the look of my website. I cannot believe I waited even a month to have him redesign it. I cannot find a nicer looking website from any fishing company.

Furthermore, I have consulted  with Rich quite a few times regarding other business issues. Even  with the state of economy today, Rich has helped my business realize a significant improvement in revenue in just one quarter!

I consistently find Rich and his team at thirteen05 creative practicing the utmost in professionalism and courtesy, and displaying a broad knowledge of business marketing techniques that are ever so important in today’s electronic business world. I would highly recommend their services to any business in need of any level of Internet marketing or consulting.”


Eric D. Spaulding
Clearwater Marine Enterprises, Inc.
DBA Queen Fleet Deep Sea Fishing

“thirteen05 creative built our new website from scratch and the results are everything we expected from a thoroughly professional outfit.

Rich and his whole crew were excellent to work with, guiding and coaching us to quickly develop the “artistic look” that we envisioned.  They also had all of the expertise needed to quickly set up our Webstore.  I was pleasantly surprised to find our site ranking on page 1 of search results in key local and national desired marketing areas in the second month of operation.

Working with thirteen05 creative was a pleasant and rewarding experience.  I recommend them wholeheartedly.”

Tim Pierce
Operations Manager

“This website has drawn a wide scale of interest, providing new leads and clients for this specialty development business.”

thirteen05 creative and my company, Crystal Lake Beverage, Inc, connected from the very first meeting. The ideas for our website proceeded to crystallize from my conception to their demonstration within a very short period. The website portrays our business in a very favorable way, and that is what a business owner wants from a site designer.”

James C. Burg, President
Crystal Lake Beverage, Inc

An artist…

“I got a lot of response from people saying they loved the site.

The two things I love about it the most is that it has done so much to open, reopen and enhance my communication lines.  Plus, when I talk to clients, I can just refer them to my website instead of having to send a whole bunch of pictures.

So, all in all, I’m digging it!

Thanks for all your work and patience.”

Sudi McCollum
Sudi McCollum Design (visual design by Sudi McCollum)

A website html code clean-up…

“I was an artist without a website. So recently I had a web site created for me. I created the art and so forth and had the thing built. I liked it a lot, except there were these bounding boxes around buttons and text that showed up on PCs and should not have been there. Despite many tries, the person who built it was not able to fix it.

Rich Byrd and Pat Floyd of thirteen05 had done the site, which I love, so I called Rich to see if he could help. They not only fixed all the problems, Rich gave me some good suggestions, which I agreed to and he implemented and am now quite satisfied with my site.

My recommendations to thirteen05! ”

Bart Dobin, Artist

From a successful florist…

“thirteen05 creative really helped me to get what I wanted out of a website. Their incredible design team was very patient with me and worked at it until we arrived at what I wanted.  They are very service oriented and go out of their way to see that things get done.

The design of the site is beautiful and I’ve gotten several compliments from other professionals in my field. They have told me how easy it is to find and use and that it stands out far more than other sites in this industry.

This site communicates what I wanted it to. Thank You, thirteen05.”

Dana Dineen,
Dana Dineen Floral Design


From a Construction Equipment and Garage Door Company…

“The website is exactly what I envisioned it to be and it provides our customers the information I wanted to get across in an orderly, professional manner. I just love the website and tell everyone I know to look at it. It looks so professional especially compared to the ones I have seen in our industry. -Paula G. Saathoff, Construction Equipment, Inc.

We wanted to thank you for creating our website and doing such a wonderful job. We definitely will recommend thirteen05 creative to anyone who needs a website created.”

Paul, Paula, & Jr, Construction Equipment, Inc.,
Construction Equipment, Inc.