Is your brochure website effective?

Websites can serve different purposes.

Not every website is a lead generation tool or an online store. The most basic function of a website is to fill the spot right in the middle of the sales process, between someone hearing of you and when they make the decision to contact you. Whether informed by a friend, found through an online search, or seeing an advertisement, the website is the most common tool and carries most of the weight when it comes to bridging that gap.

That is the one and only purpose of a brochure website; At the most basic level, the common purpose of a website is to be informational, because that is what it takes to orient a prospective customer to who you are and what you to do. It helps them gain an understanding of what you have to offer and why you would be the perfect choice.

It is there to inform prospective customers, clients or patients about your company, products or services. It’s essentially an online brochure, so we call it a brochure website.
It may be only 5 to 7 pages in size, but such a website is a vital tool that greatly benefits your sales process in several ways:

BUILD CONFIDENCE. Just having a website is a confidence builder. In fact, if you DON’T have a website, there’s a chance that prospective customers will lose confidence. If your website is professional looking, engaging and effective, that helps. Adding personal touches like photos of your offices and staff and video clips can just take it to another level.

ANSWER QUESTIONS. A good website will answer the questions your prospects are asking, so they can quickly get an answer to their most important question: Do you do what they’re looking for?

FILL IN THE BLANKS. Once they know you are in the right ballpark, some prospects will pick up the phone and call you right then and there, or fill out a contact form, or get in their car and drive to your store. Often they want to know more. A well designed website makes it easy for visitors to dig in deeper and find out more about your company, products and services.

BUILD INTEREST. Along with confidence, it is all about building interest. Great photography, testimonials, and the like can fan that perhaps weak flame of interest into a conviction “these are the guys for me.” Explaining features and benefits is a fundamental in this area.

MAKE IT EASY FOR THEM TO TAKE ACTION. Once you get them confident and interested enough, you have to ask for action and make it easy for the visitor to comply. This may be a phone call, a chat session or a contact form, or a visit to a physical location. You can lose someone at this point if it isn’t well thought out and easy to accomplish.

There’s lots more a website can do, but almost any website has to do these core actions. If it does them well, it will increase your sales. There’s no doubt about it.