View your custom WordPress website seamlessly across mobile, tablet, and desktop.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source content management system originally designed as a blogging platform that has gained massive popularity (almost 75 million websites are currently relying on WordPress) since its debut in 2003.  Think of WordPress as a digital filing cabinet where you can store all the pages, posts, and pieces for your website in a database.  This is allows users to add and remove posts and pages effortlessly, and, while users still may need custom code for some needs, it does allow users to edit content on the pages without calling a web designer for help.

Our custom WordPress themes will set your business apart.

thirteen05 creative has built totally custom WordPress websites for companies of all sizes in a multitude of industries across the nation. All of our custom WordPress themes are responsive across mobile, tablet, and are created with only the most tested and proven methods of design and development.

Beautiful, eye-catching sites that accurately represent your company.

While technically sound, our designers strive to make your website pleasing to the eye while representing your company.  As a marketing company that creates branding guidelines ourselves, we are can follow your company’s brand standards while designing and developing your website.