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You can buy almost* anything on the Internet. Not only can you buy almost anything on the Internet, it takes extremely minimal effort to do so. Imagine what it’s like to be on the other end, reaping the rewards of your customer’s almost instant access to whatever product you might be selling. Instead of driving to an office and having to deal with droves of wild customers, you get to sit back and watch as your name and bank account grow. You don’t even have to go outside, if you don’t want to.

BUT, that all depends on user experience and if the website is done right. We do websites right.

More than ever, user experience is the key ingredient to an e-commerce website. If purchasing or searching for a product is one click too long or confusing for a user, they will more than likely abandon the cart and never come back. We have experience with a multitude of shopping cart software and can help you figure out which one will fit you the best while also researching and implementing best practices when it comes to site navigation and making it easy for your customer to purchase from you.

Functionality is another key point to creating an excellent e-commerce website. Anything that will make it easier for a user to find, compare, return and purchase a product without bogging down the user experience should be considered. From arrival to checkout, your online store will make your customer want to pay you twice just to go through the process again. Ok, not really, but close to that.

With an e-commerce site from us, visitors won’t just be converting into customers; they’ll be converting into your best friend.