CMS – Manage Your Website with Ease

In a day and age where companies are fighting tooth and nail to stay relevant and atop of search rankings, content essentially makes the world go ‘round. No matter what, whether your internet marketing strategy is in-house or handled by an agency, content is still king. As technology is constantly improving, new avenues have been created to create and distribute content through your website and other areas on the web. Content Management Systems, or a CMS, have come a long way. WordPress is probably the most well-known but there are countless options out there including Kentico, Drupal, Joomla, Umbraco and so much more. Each one has its pros and cons so picking the right one is very important. WordPress seems to be the default as it is very user-friendly and easy to use and offers endless amounts of plug-ins for site functionality.

When looking at a content management system, you want to be able to easily make content changes, integrate and update a blog, manage events and appointments and offer users ease of access to your services. Most content management systems offer a plethora of free and premium plugins that can instantly improve your website. If one isn’t available, custom programming can be added to the CMS.

Of course, you might know exactly how or even what a user might want to do (or need to do) on your website, which is where we can help. When we start a project that involves a content management system, we offer an initial marketing strategy for the development that will help you get the best out of your CMS. On top of that, our design process allows for an optimized and highly user-friendly UX/UI to make sure that conversions are plentiful.