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I am still awestruck with the look of my website. I cannot believe I waited even a month to have him redesign it. I cannot find a nicer looking website from any fishing company.

Eric Spaulding / Queen Fleet Deep Sea Fishing

A majority of the websites we design for clients are not their first site. Keeping your website up to date every 2-3 years is essential for a positive customer experience. If there’s one thing we know about the internet, it’s that it is constantly changing. Design and aesthetics trends change rapidly, and overtime it can become very apparent to a customer that your website is outdated.

Websites that look outdated can really diminish the authority of your business. This is a user’s first impression of your business and the look of your site can cause them to leave the page. It’s important to always strive for a high-quality, click-friendly website and not be afraid to start anew every few years if need be. Here are some other signs that it is time for a website redesign:

Outdated Code or Generally Poorly Made

Sometimes new clients come to us for a website redesign because their website was poorly built in the first place. It isn’t performing the job they want it to do, features and content are not being displayed properly, and these glitches can really turn their customers away. If you cannot update or add content without enlisting the help of a developer, then you are in definite need of a redesign. At thirteen05, we design websites using WordPress, and make it incredibly simple for you to edit and add content yourself – no hassle.

High Bounce Rate

If visitors are quickly leaving your site after clicking on it, this means that your website is not meeting their expectations. You want customers staying on your website, browsing throughout the page, reading content, and following through on purchases. A high bounce rate can be very telling of issues that must be addressed, especially if you’re also not meeting your business goals. Various things can affect the bounce rate of your website, such as broken links, subpar design, or a slow load speed.

Your Competitors Have Redesigned Their Websites

It’s always good to scope out the competition every now and then. Looking at the websites of your competitors and other similar companies within your industry can let you know if your website should be updated. If your peers have been redesigning elements of their sites such as colors or graphic styles, and you are still using designs from 5 years ago, it signals to your audience that your site is severely outdated. So take note of what others in your industry are doing and make the changes to your website to stay competitive.


There are no hard rules on when you should redesign your site, and this is certainly not an exhaustive list of reasons why you should. Whether it’s not being mobile friendly, taking too long to load, or generally not producing results for your business like it should, there are many indicators that your website is in need of a redesign. Reasons for a redesign will also be based on your industry, number of pages on your site, the features on your site, and more. it’s important to do routine checkups to make sure your website is performing the way it should for you.

A site should look and work great. Our award winning design team develops a website look that contributes to that message and which will make an awesome first impression on visitors and make them stay. To keep them there in the first place we also offer search engine optimization or “SEO”.

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