Click Ads – Display vs. Search by Thirteen05

I’ve commented many times on how running click ad campaigns is not for amateurs.
Do you know what the biggest money wasting mistake people make, trying to run their own campaigns?
They run Display as well as Search ads.
Display are the ads that appear on other people’s websites. Search are the ads that appear on search engine results pages.
It only takes a few clicks to select which of these your ads appear on. But there’s nothing on the screen that tells you one key fact:

These two types of ads are WORLDS apart.

Just think about this: Your search ads are ONLY displayed when someone is actively looking for what you are selling.
Display ads are exactly like traditional advertising. If you are selling something golf related, you advertise in Golf magazines or in the sports section of the newspaper. It is the same online.
So only a TINY fraction of people seeing your display ad are actually prospects.
Since you only pay if someone clicks, you can say, “what’s the difference?”
Just one little thing. No one reads a magazine ad and then accidentally telephones the advertiser.
Yet It takes exactly ONE click to get charged for a visit to your website.
Now with that as an introduction, the AVERAGE percentage of clicks on display ads for Google fell last year from 0.1% to 0.09%. Just to make the math clear, that is less than one click out of every 1000 ad displays.
Do you think one person in a thousand might accidentally click on a particular ad on the screen? I know I do sometimes.
Let me be perfectly clear. 90% of the time we do not run display ads for our clients. Even though they are cheap, 9 times out of 10 they aren’t cheap enough.

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