How Does Quality Hosting Affect Website Performance?

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Hosting Quality Builds Trust

Reliable, professional, quality hosting for your website plays a vital role in its performance. The right hosting company monitors your site’s overall security, maintains its loading speed, and increases the amount of uptime, giving you more opportunity to close a sale or get an appointment for your service. A truly reliable hosting provider can help you improve performance and overall user experience.

Among other important features, a good web hosting provider will have a variety of up to date security measures in place to protect your website from malicious attacks or data breaches. They will:

  • Regularly scan for malware, along with maintaining the software and technical tools to remove it. This will keep your databases, files, and pertinent private information safe.
  • Use Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL certificates, to encrypt all data transmitted between your website and the user’s browser. SSL is standard technology for securing an internet connection so that it protects sensitive information, like credit card numbers, passwords, and other financial data from being intercepted or stolen by hackers.
  • Monitor and filter incoming and outgoing traffic to block malicious attacks and identify viruses.
  • Have Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS protection in place to thwart attacks. DDoS protects your website from being overwhelmed with mass counterfeit logins which could make it inaccessible to legitimate users.
  • Regularly backup and update your website files and databases so that you can recover quickly in the event of a hack or other security breach.

A quality hosting provider provides your potential customers with a variety of security measures and gives both you and your users peace of mind that your website is secure and trustworthy.

Hosting & Maintenance Services

Here are some other important features that quality hosting companies offer to enhance your website performance:

  • Faster page loading speeds. By implementing powerful servers and fast network connections, they can quickly deliver your website to visitors. Page loading speed is a major factor in user satisfaction and search engine rankings.
  • Higher uptime. Uptime translates into the percentage of time that your website is accessible. A reliable hosting provider will have a high uptime, ensuring that your website is always up and running when users need it.
  • Scalability. As your website grows, you’ll need a hosting provider that can scale with you. Quality hosting providers offer a variety of plans to choose from, so that you can easily upgrade as needed.
  • Technical support. Quality hosting providers offer 24/7 technical support to solve any problems that might arise with your website. This can be invaluable, especially if you’re not familiar with the technical aspects of web hosting or troubleshooting.

Here are some tips for choosing a quality hosting provider:

  • Look for a provider with a good reputation. Research what other clients have to say about their performance and customer support.
  • Choose a provider that offers the features you need. Things like the amount of available disk space and bandwidth, domain name, and email hosting.
  • Make sure the provider offers good customer support. 24/7 support is the best, but if that’s not available, look for one that offers support during business hours with an emergency contact during off-hours.

With reliable hosting, you can focus on creating and growing your business, without having to worry about performance or security issues on your website.

At thirteen05 creative, we specialize in designing, creating, hosting, and maintaining websites that reflect your business goals. Our experienced server support and website development staff regularly monitors and updates our technology and content management systems to keep up with the ever-changing practices of the internet world.

And we not only monitor what users can see online, we diligently oversee the “backend” of our client’s websites to ensure there are no glitches, viruses, or issues that might cause users to leave your site. Give us a call today and let us help you build your business.

If you succeed, we succeed.

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