Mobile-Only Internet Users Finally Surpass Desktop Users

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Although it has been expected to happen for a while now, comScore has finally released a poll that reveals that mobile-only internet users have surpassed desktop users. The report is for users 18 and older and in the United States but it is further proof that mobile is indeed the future of web browsing. Reports had been released that the amount of mobile devices in circulation in the world meant that every person in the United States owned at least two devices.

Even industry experts started to consider the flow of a user starting a search on one device and continuing on another to be the same session and to account for that. But this brings evidence that some users are starting to take the desktop aspect out of the equation, especially with the advancements in smartphones and tablets (and soon enough, wearables).

Interesting timing considering Google just released it’s mobile-friendly algorithm.

Of course, this is one instance but proof that the trend is bound to continue for the foreseeable future. It really is a monumental milestone in terms of emerging technologies and industry trends. Now the question is, after all the change over the past few years in terms of hardware, software and customer engagement on the internet, will you finally consider making your website mobile-friendly before it’s too late?

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