What will we see from websites in 2017?

Keeping your site current is often a continuous process because web design is constantly changing the rules. Old websites followed techniques that are now considered outdated, like keyword stuffing and packing everything important above the fold. 2016 was packed with new ideas and trends that websites are sure do keep adopting into 2017 and the… Read More »

Google’s Local Shakeup: Give a Little, Take a Lot

At the end of March, Google launched an initiative to increase the amount of businesses online through a campaign called “Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map”. The campaign focused on increasing the amount of local listings for 30,000 cities, therefore helping stimulate the local economies, and put the onus on the business owner to… Read More »

Mobile-Only Internet Users Finally Surpass Desktop Users

Although it has been expected to happen for a while now, comScore has finally released a poll that reveals that mobile-only internet users have surpassed desktop users. The report is for users 18 and older and in the United States but it is further proof that mobile is indeed the future of web browsing. Reports had… Read More »

Mobilegeddon is Upon Us

In case you had forgotten or didn’t hear the warnings being shouted from rooftops, today is the day of days. Google will be rolling out their new mobile search algorithm, aptly nicknamed by industry professionals as “Mobilegeddon”, beginning today and most likely continuing for a few weeks. If you don’t know what the new algorithm… Read More »

Smartphone Usage Still Rising

Pew Research Center reports that almost 2/3 of U.S. adults now own smartphones. That is pretty spectacular. One takeaway: Significant numbers now depend on their smartphones for their online connections. They may have no  broadband connection at home or not even own another Internet connected device (desktop, laptop or tablet). Of course, a lot of… Read More »

3 Tips to Increase your Online Sales this Holiday Season

With the holidays among us, shopping season is in full swing. More and more customers are shopping online and it is important that customers can find your website easily. Your SEO ranking on Google can be the difference between selling a handful of products and having millions of online sales. 67.6% of people will click… Read More »

Mobile App or Website?

Should you have an App or a Mobile website? It comes down to different purposes. Most websites have a primary function of business development. You want prospective customers, clients or patients to find your website, to get their questions answered, to build interest and confidence, and to take action – buy from your online store,… Read More »