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Synergy is “the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.”

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

This word explains why you should have one company do your website, your organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization), your SEM (Search Engine Management, your paid ads such as Google Ads), etc.

IF you can find a company competent in all the different aspects of digital (online) marketing.

There are two giant parts of this: coordination and research.


If your AdWords are saying “We have the best tents in town”, when someone arrives on your home page, the first thing they see should say “best tents in town”.

If you are running display (image) ads, they should look the same as your home page.

If you are advertising to sell lots of toaster ovens, your home page should feature toaster ovens.

If your home page features toaster ovens on sale, your ads should be promoting toaster ovens on sale.

If your slogan is “faster than dirt” (I know that doesn’t make sense), your website, paid ads and your search results listings should all say “faster than dirt”.

If you are running campaigns targeted at commercial and at residential customers, your home page should immediately direct those two types of potential customers to the appropriate material. Or the marketing should send the prospective customers to different pages appropriate to that target market.

I could give a billion other examples, but it comes down to one concept: ALL your marketing should be ONE integrated whole, for maximum effectiveness.

Unless you look over all of your marketing efforts in one go, you will miss on this.


One of our favorite tricks at thirteen05 creative is to use Google AdWords as a research tool. There is no better, faster method of market research available, that doesn’t cost a fortune.

You can use it find out what search terms people are using, but also, which of them are most valuable. Some might be kind of off point, another might be a dead-on indication of a serious prospective buyer. One might have high volume. Another might be much more expensive. Then you can use those results to direct your organic ranking efforts.,

You can also use it to make your website more effective. The same terms that indicator buyer intent will tend to get response on your website.

It’s the difference between “we have toaster ovens” and “looking to buy a toaster oven.”


Even more than that, you can test ads and find people’s hot buttons, that actually lead to action. We still ell the story of the emergency veterinarian. We tested “No appointment required” and found that doubled the response rate. Apparently, people were unsure whether they needed an appointment for an emergency veterinary visit.

We took that information and plastered it all over the home page of the website and anywhere else we could think of.

We also went and did further testing on how to best communicate that fact. By extensive testing, the wording is now “Emergency Walk-in Vet.”

The research goes in every direction. Finding which pages on a website are most popular, you can start promoting those products or services in paid advertising, feature them on the home page and also work on improving search rankings for them.


If you DON’T have one company providing all these services, sure, they can still coordinate. They can still trade information.

It isn’t going to be as fast, it won’t be as smooth, and it won’t be as thorough.

Get the idea?

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