Are You a Wolf or a Sheep?

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They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I call malarkey on that. I feel imitation is just a lack of imagination and fails to make you stand out. You went into business because you believed you were better than your competitors, right? So why not blaze your own trail in your marketing as well?

Cut from the mold and don’t be afraid to be different. This will make you stand out above all your competitors. It’s OK to like what your competitor is doing, but figure out how you can make it better. Don’t just imitate them innovate above them.

Why do businesses always want to copy their competition? I don’t really know, but a good guess is that their competitor is larger than them; therefore, they think their marketing is working better and they feel like they need to keep up with the Jones’. We should emphasize that, just because it’s working for them, that doesn’t mean it will work for you. Their campaign is original to their brand, and that why it works so well. Make your marketing original to you.

Our slogan is “Taking you from unknown to unforgettable” and that is exactly what your marketing goals need to be from day one. That doesn’t necessarily mean taking you from a startup to a titan, but taking an individual approach to your marketing that will help you stand out in the crowd. It means taking each and every prospect that comes in contact with any touch point of your marketing and creating an unforgettable experience, one that will really make an impact. If you always market by that mantra, you can’t help but succeed.

So how are you going to put this into practice? How are you going to make every experience an unforgettable one? Because at the end of the day if your website, collateral or tradeshow display blends in with all the others in your market you are just background noise.

Think about what makes you different from your competition. Now, go market that in a way that you feel gets your message across. I would be willing to bet that it looks and sounds nothing like your competition. So don’t imitate them. Be different. Be bold. Stand out in a crowd. But, most importantly, be you!

Your way of handling clients and your product are what give you an edge up on your competition. So, when you are deciding on a marketing strategy, make sure it’s one that separates you from the competition, not one that has you blending in. Ensure that your marketing takes you from unknown to unforgettable.

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