Brand Dissonance

Here’s an important, but rarely used marketing term: “Brand Dissonance.”  There are only 2000 references in Google. It is the all-too-common practice of doing things that conflict with each other. Result: conflicting pictures of a brand. If you are a Global Cyber-Security firm, advertising in primary colors would be an example of Brand Dissonance. Primary… Read More »

Slogans, Taglines, Mottos

A slogan or tagline (really the same thing) is a part of the branding of a business, service, product or product line. Motto is another word that could apply. This is one of the most abused, misused and misunderstood of marketing concepts. To illustrate, here are some current and past company slogans: “We Power Success”… Read More »


Metrics, statistics, or stats, are measurements of performance. There are industries where these are more than just totally accepted – they are revered. As in, who has won the most Super Bowls? Athletes and sports teams run on metrics, from batting average to yards per carry to winning percentage and 60-yard dash time. High School… Read More »


Like everyone else, I get bombarded daily with emails attempting to interest me in some service or product. As a marketing professional I’m fascinated by what these “marketers” are doing. There’s a famous formula – there are different versions of it – called AIDCA – for Attract attention, build Interest, build Desire, build Confidence, and… Read More »

Setting 2018 SEO Goals for Your Business

The new year is here, and optimism is at its peak as everyone turns to setting goals for self-improvement. Besides personal resolutions like “exercising more” or “traveling more,” you should really think about laying out some New Year’s resolutions for your business as well. Now is the best time to reflect on your business’s progress… Read More »

SEO: It’s More Than a Numbers Game

Traditionally, an SEO specialist’s primary goal was to increase rank in the SERP (search engine results page) and drive traffic. Often times, these were numbers-driven strategies that tried to keep up with the constantly changing rules of Google’s many algorithms. But the fundamental flaw in this approach is that when practicing SEO, you can’t just… Read More »

Google’s Top Ranking Factors Aren’t Always the Same

It’s not often that we get a clear-cut answer from Google exec’s, so this week’s latest development comes as quite a surprise. Head of Search at the monster search engine confirmed that there isn’t one set of top ranking factors that apply to every search performed. In fact, depending on the searcher’s intent, what Google… Read More »

Why You Should Be Protecting Your Online Reputation

Before the internet took over, local businesses survived by word of mouth; one person would recommend their service to another, and so on. These days, the internet has largely taken the place of those friendly recommendations. Though, unfortunately, a lot of small business owners overlook the power of online reviews. When’s the last time you… Read More »

The Fine Line Between Innovation and Function

Life is an ongoing balancing act; one does not want to indulge in too much of one thing while neglecting another. A common saying is: Everything in moderation, including moderation. Great websites are also a balancing act. Among many others, one of these balances comes with the usability and originality of a website. Here, we’ll… Read More »