Does Your Business Truly Revolve Around Your Customers?

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There’s no excure for not having exceptional customer service. This is even more true for marketing agencies. As several recent studies have shown, the more you revolve around what your customer actually expects the more loyalty and business you gain in return.

Have you noticed a decrease in customer retention and loyalty lately? Have prospective clients turned a blind eye to your marketing and sales with an answer like “We went with your competitor because they’re the best choice for us”? Let’s talk about a few ways you can make sure you keep delivering that excellent customer service that will make your best customers think more than twice about turning their back on the next sale. wrote an amazing article HERE on some of the best Customer Service tips to think about in any business or industry. A few key take-aways include focusing on the first impression of the interaction and the final interaction, constantly checking in and helping re-define the vision of your products and services, and being “memorably good” at what you do.

Think back for a moment on the last time a business treated you with exceptional customer service, whether in your line of work or elsewhere. What did they do and how do you think they did it? Here’s a few things I’ll leave with you to ponder:

1. Listen and Cue in on ways to Personalize the Experience:

Every time there’s communication with a customer or client is a chance to get to know them personally, along with ways to make them feel that they’re no longer just “Doing Business” but interacting with a fun set of people. The next time you talk with them, follow up on a personal bit of information they conveyed the last time they talked with you. Not every customer will want to be friendly and open up, though it pays off knowing that they dealt with human beings and not robots or machines. This ties into being “Memorably Good” at what you do.

2. Follow Up with Short Replies if They Can’t Reach You:

It’s not easy to juggle calls, emails, meetings, and everything in between. Funny thing is most won’t blame you and will sympathize. However, it’s always a great idea to leave someone with personalized messages saying you’ll get back to them as soon as possible, or even better suggesting times when they can best reach you. Again, it’s all about personalizing the experience.

3. Constantly Remind Them Why They Chose Your Business:

In working with the same customers and clients, it’s almost inevitable that some will lose the energy and excitement when they first received excellent service and products from you. It’s within your best interest to find creative ways to make sure they can keep that same positive energy and excitement every time they come to you. Don’t ever over think it though. It’s the little things that make the difference. I’ll leave this one up to you.

When you put customer service at the forefront of your business operations, you’re sure to be successful. Even if your products or services are superior to your comptetitors, clients simply won’t want to work with you if you dont know how to make them feel valued.

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