Google on the Move

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Google on Wednesday rolled out their new interface. The left column options they have been testing for the last year are now a permanent fixture. They’ve rolled them all out, but what they serve up in the results page depends on the search and Google’s judgment of what you are looking for. But you can rapidly modify it to suit.
By mid-day yesterday we were seeing the new interface in all searches.
At the same time without announcing it they no longer are offering full access to their keywords suggestions tool unless you access it through an AdWords (click ads) account.
These are dramatic changes when viewed from the perspective of the Internet Marketing community. They are probably a lot less dramatic, more incremental to the typical searcher – which is off course what Google is going for. They don’t want to startle people. They want to continue to improve their search experience. And they are doing exactly that.
You are seeing one of the major effects of “Caffeine” (their new software). One of the reasons for doing a complete redesign of their programming was to make it easier and faster to make, test, and roll out changes.
Continuing to better the search experience is one result. Tomorrow, I’m going to explain the two other major consequences. And they are major – industry shaking.

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