Left To Your Own Devices by Thirteen05

Every year brings exciting new technologies that allows you to play games, communicate with friends, and experience the internet in a whole different way.

So, let’s talk phones. Yep, phones.

I personally have made the switch to an android phone from an Apple phone for reasons I will leave for another time. I made the move from a tiny but useful phone to a bigger better machine that some might refer to as a phablet or a phone tablet. Because of the plethora of different devices with different widths and resolutions we now live in a responsive world.

Most new phones are heading in this direction of the bigger screen including the iPhone 6 plus. As a developer I immediately have some reservations. For instance, when I am using my phone with one hand, I can barely reach the top left part of my screen which is where many websites menus are these days. This might cause some new design trends to fit the mold, though it isn’t that hard to just use the other hand. These larger phones also allow for more of the website to be on the screen at once so there is less lost in translation to mobile. Personally I think these phones are at their peak and will all drop to around a medium screen size near the iPhone 6 Plus or Galaxy s5 and farther away from the Note.

Tablets are also a great new technology that allow for touch on a bigger screen which creates an immersive user experience if used right. I see a trend of tablets and laptops merging. In the not so distant future I see computers, even desktops that are not touch screen becoming obsolete.

Now the fun stuff…the future. Smart watches, Google Glass, and touch screen tables. I am extremely excited for the future of these technologies. For me I feel that the smart watch will be less for surfing the internet, so I might not be dealing with that professionally but you never know. Google glass seems limitless in its possibilities as well as touch screen tables. I am personally just waiting for the day I can create a 3D hologram website experience. It somehow doesn’t seem so farfetched surrounded by these futuristic devices that are now a reality.

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