What to get people like us for Christmas?

I often find myself asking the question, what do I want? Mainly I ask this question around lunchtime, after not being able to think a single thought and becoming uncontrollably hungry I opt for the easiest and closest thing. Since it’s Christmas time, I’m giving you the easiest and best ideas on gifts for people like… Read More »

The Skinny on Google My Business Address

Google and Your Business Address Google’s paid advertising service, AdWords, is one of the 600 pound gorillas of the Internet. It is their primary income source, worth many billions of dollars per year. Their biggest competitor, Bing, is only half their size, and while Google is constantly rolling out new features, Bing is constantly trying… Read More »

Using Snapchat for Marketing

Snapchat is crazily addicting. Who would have thought that sending short videos and pictures that I could DRAW on would be so satisfying. But it is. It’s not only for drawing mustaches or palm trees on your pics. It could actually be a pretty powerful marketing tool to reach out to your audience in new… Read More »

Left To Your Own Devices

Every year brings exciting new technologies that allows you to play games, communicate with friends, and experience the internet in a whole different way. So, let’s talk phones. Yep, phones. I personally have made the switch to an android phone from an Apple phone for reasons I will leave for another time. I made the… Read More »

Monday Mash 11/4/2014

There’s a lot going on in the world of tech. Every day there’s something new about technology and how it affects our world. Here’s our round up of what you may have missed over the past week, and why we felt it was important.   That Drone Drone Drone Drone Drone If you aren’t familiar… Read More »

It’s a Numbers Game

So if you are one of our awesome clients, you know that we keep beating a dead horse with our ‘Content, content, content’ shpeal. We swear, we do it for a reason. Recently, Search Engine Land put out a great article that shows some basic math as to why Content is so dang important right now. The math goes as… Read More »

Awaiting The Decision

In honor of Tricia’s complete and utter insanity over what LeBron will do in free agency (she’s from Cleveland, remember?), we put together this nifty little Buzzfeed post to shed some light on her anguish and why she is so weird…. Enjoy!   13 Things Only Cleveland Sports Fans Understand    

Acting Responsively

We’ll be bringing you a series of posts about why responsive web design is a must for your ongoing digital marketing strategy. Seriously, it’s your life preserver in an ocean of crazy Google Algorithmic waves. With every day that passes and every Matt Cutt’s video that gets posted, one thing remains clear- you and your… Read More »

Good SEO Is Good Kung Fu

By RJ Jacques, FastF.com When people usually say “kung fu”, they are normally referring to martial arts, crane stances or Bruce Lee. But the phrase “Kung Fu” has a vastly richer meaning than these images tend to convey, and one that has a practical significance for the SEO community. The Wikipedia entry for “kung fu”… Read More »

And Then There Were Two

Bing has been powering Yahoo search for a couple months. Now Ask, the only remaining search engine with more than 1% share, is folding, probably will be powered by Google or Bing. Ask Joins Jeeves in Retirement And then there is Google. That’s it.


Sometimes people confuse “subtlety” and “aesthetics.” or “subtlety” and “attention to detail”. Art can be subtle. Marketing can’t be, at least in getting its message across. The best marketing pays enormous attention to detail. Nevertheless, messages are shouted more than whispered. Whispers are easily drowned out. Bang them over the head, don’t sort of hint… Read More »

Quieter, More Peaceful Times

Those were quieter, more peaceful times. “World Wars”, “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and “Home Invasion Robberies” were in the future. No one had a glimmer of The Internet or TV. No spam or infomercials. Hardly anyone had a telephone – so no telemarketers. Junk mail? I don’t think so. Though the mail order catalog had… Read More »