Sitelinks – Improving Your AdWords Click Through Rates (CTR)

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Google AdWords is a complex system with tons of options. Yet it is often possible to make dramatic improvements very quickly. There are certain things which are often mishandled, easy to fix, and make a big difference.

Sitelinks is one of these. It is a type of “Ad Extension” – additional information Google may show with your basic ad. You’ve seen them. They are a line of links to additional pages of your website, below the basic ad.

They are easy to set up and they work for you in multiple ways:

1. You’ve got a whole extra line for additional visibility.

2. The link text (what the viewer sees) tells them more about you. For example, you could have links to pages about particular products or types of services.

3. They may give the person exactly what they are looking for, resulting in an instant click instead of uncertainty.

All three of these are likely to increase your Click Through Rate (CTR), the percentage of those who see your ad who click on it. We have seen increases in CTRs of 50%.

Another benefit is by going directly to a page of interest, they are more likely to convert (purchase, fill out a contact form or telephone).

Quite a benefit from a simple action which takes only minutes.

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