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Marketing packages include what you need to launch a new business, to jump-start your marketing, or to re-brand if you don’t have the right image. We can do it all for a moderate price because a lot of the work that goes into one item applies to others as well, and because we are doing it all at once.

" thirteen05 produced all the promo, for a very reasonable price, for my brand new company. This included logo, tagline, website, brochures, business cards, etc. So when we launched, we looked very real and as if we were around forever. All our prospects seem to assume that we are well established. "


All your marketing materials – your logo, stationery, envelopes, business cards, website, etc., should be tied together with a common theme – often called an “identity package”.

A professional business needs letterhead, envelopes, business cards. These days, any business has to have a website.   If you have one, and it isn’t doing the job, you need a new one or your site fixed up. Just about any business worth its salt is going to need a brochure.

You have to do something to let people know you exist.  With many businesses, a direct mail piece (usually a postcard) or an ad is a good starting place. Lots of companies thrive with trade shows or Internet marketing.

A company will usually struggle until it has, in place and functioning well, all of the marketing elements it really needs – and is reaching out to the potential customers (whether by ad, direct mail, Internet or otherwise) in volume.


New Business Basic Package

Works for new or existing businesses needing a complete re-work or upgrade of its image and marketing.

Trade Show Marketing Package

Internet Marketing Package

Marketing Essentials Package with Direct Mail

Marketing Essentials Package with Advertising

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So how about a marketing package from thirteen05 creative?  One client reported their new business almost doubled just from doing these actions. Another almost doubled their new business just by getting a good website. Call us today for a free evaluation and for more information.
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