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Optimize Your Website

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of modifying and improving the technical configurations, content relevance, and link popularity of your website to help you rank in the top positions of a Google search.  It is a vital part of your digital marketing campaign and one that should be regularly focused on and updated to ensure a strong online presence.

At thirteen05 Creative, our technical and software computer experts use SEO to expand your online visibility, drive more traffic to your site, increase your rankings and, ultimately, to build your company’s revenue. 

We're the SEO Experts You're Looking For

Search engines optimization experts provide comprehensive website development and web development services for all your website needs. At thirteen05 we can help craft an effective SEO campaign and also optimize the design and content of your website to maximize traffic, create user-friendly experiences, and quickly get your users to where they want to go.

By researching and applying targeted keywords related to your business, creating improved content, expanding the look and “feel” of your site, and by employing back-end link building, our team can get you and your company noticed.

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Clean & simple custom web design

While keyword marketing is a major tool in SEO, it’s not the only factor. It’s also important to remember that SEO is much harder to do than just typing keywords onto pages. As algorithms change and are constantly updated by search engines, marketers need to also be adaptable by using new, more relevant keywords that change as quickly as market trends change.

We can help you with your website design and its content to improve your site conversions to customers. We create website images and dynamic content that are responsive and optimized for SEO.  And we don’t compromise on performance. 

There are a variety of ways you can use keywords and SEO.

The thirteen05 team can walk you through the benefits of each one so that you can form an educated opinion and make an informed decision of what service or services best fit your business needs. Here are a few examples of SEO:

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO, also known as On-Site SEO, is a service that optimizes the content of your website. We use experienced media and marketing copywriters who have spent years perfecting content, researching keywords, creating dynamic headlines, suggesting complementary images and colors, and more.

Combined with a technical staff that can optimize the Metadata that “talks” to Google and online users searching the Web, the thirteen05 staff can offer you a “one-stop-shop” of SEO, copywriting, imaging, and digital marketing proficiency.

Some of the services we provide for On-Page SEO:

  • We do targeted keyword research to determine which words have the most search volume and the highest relevance to your specific business or industry. We then make sure that we include these words in the content for your site, and we use them repeatedly to ensure that they are recognized by the search engines.
  • We insert internal links on targeted keywords and phrases in your content. Internal links are URLs that direct users to other useful pages or tabs on your website. This way, we keep users on your site longer as they page through all of your pertinent content.
  • We optimize metadata. Optimizing metadata delivers a better user experience, and it gives search engines many more opportunities to recognize your site so you can earn a higher search ranking. Metadata is a way that websites “talk” to Google and other search engines. It lets them know what your page is all about. By enhancing Meta descriptions and Meta titles or headlines with relevant content, keywords, and keyword phrases, On-Page SEO can improve your digital marketing campaigns and drive company revenues.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO creates perception, exposure, and trust for your company. It’s how we build your online brand and your company reputation. We do this via link-building. It’s a way for you to link with other URLs within your site to add credence to your business or service.

For example, if you’re a flooring company, you may want your content to be linked to an article about the best hardwood flooring available in your service area. Or, say you’re a dentist’s office, you may want to link to a dental journal that highlights what cosmetic dental procedures are recommended. You might want to link to customer review.

Basically, link-building adds to your expertise and experience in your chosen industry or business. It augments your content with other authoritative content or other expert opinions that corroborate the facts of your own content. It can drive more user visits and more sales.

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Technical SEO Companies in Tampa

Technical SEO enhances the user experience. As technology continually advances, upgrades, and reinvents itself, the algorithms that run search engines become much more complicated.The ones used today become outdated and no longer work effectively. As with all digital media, advancements equal evolution. And evolution means you need a technical SEO company that keeps up with all the complex changes and can implement them as needed.

At thirteen05, our technical team has years of experience making sure websites run efficiently, quickly, and do what they’re supposed to do.

Here are just some of the issues we address:

  • User accessibility. Today, users can get online from their PCs, laptops, their cellphones, tablets and even their watches. We make sure that your site can be seamlessly accessed and easy to navigate over all devices. We want searches to be quick and efficient.
  • The need for speed. In this fast-paced world we live in, a speedy website is no longer a nice tool, it’s a necessity. Our team takes advantage of the highest load times available. And by keeping your website’s content, colors, images, and templates simple, we can effectively move users through your pages, providing them with the information they need to buy.
  • Backend Structure. By implementing a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate chain of commands, consistent internal links, and by keeping our site structure clean and up to date we can improve the user experience. By providing a total optimization package for your business, we can make sure your website is Accessible. Fast. User-Friendly.

Local SEO

Do you own a local Tampa area business?  Don’t have a need to target customers in other cities or states?  Are you interested in increasing your online presence within your own community and promoting your business or services to local Florida customers?

Nearly half of all Google searches are local searches! Local SEO is targeted to local businesses with local geographical characteristics. It can make SEO difficult. But with Local SEO, we can optimize your website for the local target audience by optimizing city names, address details or directions, and local reviews.

Local SEO focuses on a specific geographic area.  It’s a highly targeted way of getting in front of potential customers on your own “Main Street.”  We make sure that your Google My Business, or GMB profile is correct and concise, and includes your correct address, phone number, hours of operation, business description, photos, and reviews.

We then tweak the SEO so that it recognizes your local business based on “near-me” addresses, relevance to the user’s search input, and other queries users might use.

A local Tampa SEO Company

The Greater Tampa Bay Area has become the fastest growing area in the nation. It is incredibly competitive with regard to targeting the appropriate audience. Many Tampa business owners understand that having a strong online presence is incredibly important. For these businesses to grow, it can be helpful to consider working with a local Tampa SEO firm like thirteen05 Creative. Getting organic search engine results without an agency that understands SEO, marketing, branding, content, and design, can be difficult. You want an agency that delivers the whole package, one that can offer you a team with expertise in many fields.

" As someone who has to market for multiple dental practices in various locations, Thirteen 05 Creative has made my job much easier. They have helped expand our marketing efforts in areas that are already heavily saturated with dental practices. Their marketing knowledge far exceeds other marketing companies I have dealt with in the past and we see continued improvement every month in our rankings. They’re excellent at troubleshooting and making sure I get the best results! "
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Who Is thirteen05 Creative?

Tampa based thirteen05 Creative is an online marketing agency and SEO firm that provides complete website design and SEO services throughout Florida and the entire U.S. We specialize in web development and online advertising and marketing for the business, professional, and service industry sectors. We employ an experienced SEO and digital marketing team who have a track record of successful results in many niche industries.  Our content writers are top-notch.

What does thirteen05 do?

Hundreds of organizations are using thirteen05 Creative for their internet marketing campaigns. Our digital marketing team has expertise in many industries and is fully aware of how valuable a lead is to your business. 

We offer individualized digital strategies tailored to the needs of each of our clients. Our team prides itself on exceeding our client’s requirements. We are proud to provide quality web marketing services: Web design, web development, sales focused content, SEO services.

From SEO to dynamic content, to digital marketing and branding, to link-building and accessibility, thirteen05 has the skills and experience to make your business stand out from the rest.

If you succeed. We succeed.

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