The Importance of Staying Organized

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In a world with thousands of different companies and strategies out there to be the best it can be hard to know where to start. There are a few common practices all successful businesses follow, and one of those is mastering organization.

Finding a Program that Works for You

Technology plays such an important role in the workplace, it only seems logical to begin here and find the organizational system that works for you. Choosing the right structure to house your data and information is crucial because you’ll be working with it every day in your business, and depending on that system it can really hurt or help you. There are thousands of management and organization systems out there and according to PC Magazine some of the most popular Project Management systems used today are Zoho Projects, Liquid Planner, TeamWork, and Wrike to name a few.

At Thirteen05 we utilize the program TeamWork to help us stay on top of all of our current projects. By using TeamWork as a centralized communication center for a production team, it allows the Project Manager to create projects and assign individual tasks to any team member. When a business is juggling multiple projects, clients, and various ventures it’s extremely beneficial to have this information easily accessible and organized to all relevant parties within a company.

The work doesn’t stop there; Once you’ve found the right program to help organize your company, there are many other useful tools to take your business to the next level. Equipping employees with the proper tools to organize their work also contributes to a business’s success.  Just as there are many organizational systems available, there are twice as many resources for an employee to personally organize themselves. We’ve come a long way from pen and paper and finding the right technology can take time, but it’s time you’ll save in the long run.

As a Project Manager at Thirteen05, I find the most efficient way to personally stay organized is using an iPad and the numerous apps available. A few of the applications I use to ensure a project is moving on time is OneNote, Trello, and Google Docs. There are thousands of applications out there and supplying employees with the adequate time and tools makes a measurable difference.

With many different aspects, all moving at once in a business it’s easy to overlook current methods and set aside simple concepts of organization. But by analyzing your company’s methods of organization and equipping your employees with the right resources you can be sure you’re taking a step in the direction of success.

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