Reviews are not a new invention. I’m sure if you translated Greek scrolls you’d find “Socrates really wows them when he speaks. Highly recommended!” There are reasons why reviews are a timeless route to more business. THIRD-PARTY ENDORSEMENTS Excuse me if I’m doing this at an idiot-simple level. The most important things are simple. Reviews… Read More »

The Customer Is King

The current mantra for marketing websites is “Content is King.” Nope. Not even close. That is a very narrow, technical focus for your online marketing. Here’s the truth, and there’s no two ways about it: THE CUSTOMER IS KING. BUT IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, RIGHT? Wrong again. Let me explain it like this. When… Read More »


At the risk of boring you to death, let’s talk some more about metrics. I touched on this in the last blog. Actually, I’ve brought up the subject several times. Metrics (statistics) are incredibly valuable. BUT, only if they are the right metrics, accurately measured, and correctly interpreted. If you’re not into baseball, my apologies… Read More »

Marketing and Sales: Does This Mean War?

I’ll answer the question in the headline, but first. It is the most common thing. A small business owner freely admits they know nothing about marketing. Usually they are selling themselves short. Some business owners started out as marketing people.  But usually, they succeeded in business by being really good at some product or service.… Read More »

Honest Professional Website Development and Marketing

Here at thirteen05 creative we take pride in our work. Unfortunately, not everyone does. My assistant regularly contacts former prospects to see if they need anything. The other day someone told her they had chosen another company over ours (they were probably much cheaper than us). That company had taken their money and delivered nothing.… Read More »