Let’s Circle Back and Think Outside the Box

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Clichés are the enemy of good content writing.

The most critical contents in a website, in an ad, or in an email, are the headline or subject line and first sentence. Two contradictory tendencies war in the effort to create effective copy.

Clichés such as ”think outside the box” really don’t say anything nor does it affect or impact the reader. They are very “safe.”

Startling, attention grabbing lines have the opposite effect. They can be too controversial, or even just not understood. Done well, they are exciting, adventurous, and possibly dangerous. Where you want to be is somewhere in between, but more in the direction of new and different.

People often far overestimate where “over the top” begins. Your marketing will absolutely fail if no one reads it. Many of the most effective marketing campaigns ever, went more than a little “out there.”

There is another rule on this: if you don’t get an occasional complaint, you are definitely too boring. Put yourself in your perspective customers’ shoes. Think about this from their viewpoint. Then go for it.

You can always circle back and try again…

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