Why Ad Groups are Important in Your PPC Campaign

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When starting any PPC campaign, it will be structured in a way that creates an ad campaign, which will include at least one ad group, which will house your keywords and ads. The big mistake you don’t want to make is putting too much focus on improving the quality of your keywords while neglecting the ad groups that house them. Having one ad group that houses all of your keywords, which may be targeting potential clients at different stages in the buyer decision process.

Each campaign you make should have a focus and the ad groups inside should be promoting it. In order to create an effective campaign, ad groups should have specific purposes in who they are meant the target (further reinforced by keywords and ad wording).

Say you have a sporting goods store and want to promote your fishing equipment, camping equipment, and boating gear. You would create three campaigns for each of these categories and within each category, will be ad groups related to that type of equipment. Perhaps for fishing equipment, you would have an ad group targeting fishing reels and rods, another targeting fishing lures, and another targeting fishing accessories.

Even if you have only one campaign, you should still have several highly targeted ad groups to maximize the quality of your campaign. If you have a PPC campaign for a veterinary clinic, for example, you’ll want to promote your most important services by creating ad groups for each of them, which will house keywords related only to those services.

Ad groups with highly targeted keywords, in conjunction with targeted ad copy and landing pages, will strengthen the relevancy of your campaign overall. Google will reward you with a good quality score, which in tern will reduce your cost per click.

And that’s really what we’re working towards here, ad groups that produce ads that cost lest and convert more. Carefully integrating the keywords, ad text, and landing pages for each ad group ensures your message is as consistent as possible and reaches your intended audience. Someone searching for puppy vaccinations should see an ad that advertises this service and be brought to a page that directly addresses this service as offered by a particular company.

A well-organized campaign structure is essential in making a campaign that is built to last. Save yourself headache in the future by building your campaign right in the beginning.

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