SEO: It’s More Than a Numbers Game

Traditionally, an SEO specialist’s primary goal was to increase rank in the SERP (search engine results page) and drive traffic. Often times, these were numbers-driven strategies that tried to keep up with the constantly changing rules of Google’s many algorithms. But the fundamental flaw in this approach is that when practicing SEO, you can’t just […]

Making Your Content Easy to Digest

Your content is important, and making sure your visitors can easily read and digest your content is equally just as important. How you present your content can make the difference between someone easily finding what they are looking for or simply getting overwhelmed and leaving your website. There are many design and formatting factors that […]

The Benefits of Consistent Content Creation

Imagine you’re starting a new marketing project for you and your business or organization and the designers, developers, or marketers ask for the content you’d like to feature. What are you going to say next? Have you been prepared and kept an up-to-date repository of useful material that they can turn into marketing success for […]

Making Content Marketing Work For You

The What, Why, and How If you’re at all familiar with marketing online, you’ve probably heard or read this phrase: “Content is King.” And, there’s a reason for that. Having a site full of informative, well-balanced, and useful content can make a world of difference in building brand authority and reaching the #1 spot in […]

This is Not a Black Friday Special

Are you tired of Christmas advertising? I thought so. There’s no time of the year when advertising is more intense, but there’s a year-round lesson to be learned: Your marketing message can be over-exposed. But guess what: it can just as well be under-exposed. Maybe no one even knows you are communicating. Too much and […]

Break Down Your Writer’s Block

Coincidentally, I found myself staring at my computer screen pondering what to write a blog post about and coming up with zilch, something that does not happen often. Then I thought to myself, why not write a blog post about writer’s block? Well, when worst comes to worst, Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator takes all the […]

3 Tips to Increase your Online Sales this Holiday Season

With the holidays among us, shopping season is in full swing. More and more customers are shopping online and it is important that customers can find your website easily. Your SEO ranking on Google can be the difference between selling a handful of products and having millions of online sales. 67.6% of people will click […]

A Few Things To Keep Up With During The Holidays

Time to slow down for the holiday season… It’s time for family, food, presents and football! It’s also the perfect time to get ahead. It’s common for businesses to slow down, or even pause their marketing efforts during the holiday season, with the strategy of really starting strong in the new year; big mistake, huge! […]

Social engagement lessons from Denny’s

Have you been to Denny’s lately? Ok, maybe not, but have you seen their Twitter account lately? It’s genius. Seriously, it’s total genius. Right now you’re probably looking at me going ‘what in the…” as you scroll down tweets and tweets of randomness, some coherent, some non-coherent. For a lot of brands, a Twitter account […]

The Difference Between You and Your Copy? Personality (Hopefully)

You are in a bar or at the park and an attractive someone or other catches your eye. You walk over with an unflinching confidence that is systematically exploding every light bulb you pass by. Everyone is turning in your direction to see what you do next because just like reality TV, this really matters. […]

Is One Word More Important Than The Other?

“When you write, try to leave out all the parts readers skip.” – Elmore Leonard As strange as it may sound, Mr. Leonard is correct in his thinking. No, I’m not asking you to discover some hidden power of clairvoyance lying dormant in your brain. It’s simple, know who you are writing for and don’t […]