When should I redo my website? by Shawn

Websites in many ways are like cars. They need regular maintenance to stay running in tip top shape. However, inevitably one day you will need a new one. Your plugins keep breaking the site or updating the theme breaks the CSS all the time. Or the look is just outdated. So when is it time for a new website?

Well if you are continually having problems with functionality working then that’s the definite sign it’s time to replace. But what about a fresh look? How do I know my site design is outdated? Well it starts with analytics. How’s your bounce rate? How’s your time on site? Or what about your pages per session. These statistics can all be key indicators its time.

Bounce rate is when someone lands on your site and leaves without visiting another page. So if your bounce rate is creeping up over 40% then it’s time to start asking the question why. Typically, 2 things contribute to a higher bounce rate when your site is relevant to them. It’s either the content doesn’t resonate, or the design just isn’t converting anymore. If your site is older and the content has always delivered quality visitors to your site, it’s most likely time to get a fresh look if that bounce rate is creeping.

Time on site and pages per session are other wonderful indicators of how well your site design is doing in engaging visitors. If you are seeing your pages per session or time on site going down, then it’s again time to look at whether or not you should redesign the site. All the SEO efforts in the world can’t help a bad design. What good is your site if you rank number 1 on all your most important terms yet the thing doesn’t convert due to poor or dated design.

We have learned throughout the years that the typical life cycle of a website is about 3-4 years. In that time, design trends change and so does visitor behavior. So staying on top of these things can keep your website on top of its game converting leads for you and your business. Don’t let all that time spent working on rankings go wasted because of a dated design.

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