Now and then, I’m compelled to go on an extended rant. Something outrages me and I just can’t shut up about it anymore. Years ago I coined a term. At the risk of offending people, it names a sort of disease, “Hideous Industrial Design” or HID. And, unfortunately, like its namesake, while not deadly, it… Read More »

Slogans, Taglines, Mottos

A slogan or tagline (really the same thing) is a part of the branding of a business, service, product or product line. Motto is another word that could apply. This is one of the most abused, misused and misunderstood of marketing concepts. To illustrate, here are some current and past company slogans: “We Power Success”… Read More »


When you first look at a website, you get an immediate reaction – positive or negative. Good or bad. Like it or not. This is based entirely on just two things: Is it beautiful (or at least looks good)? Is it appropriate? It has nothing to do with words, because it occurs before anyone has… Read More »

When should I redo my website?

Websites in many ways are like cars. They need regular maintenance to stay running in tip top shape. However, inevitably one day you will need a new one. Your plugins keep breaking the site or updating the theme breaks the CSS all the time. Or the look is just outdated. So when is it time… Read More »

Time for a New Website?

There are lots of good reasons for doing a new website. In fact, before the end of this article I’ll give you four of them. But let’s start with the most important of them. 1. The Site is Underperforming There are also lots of bad reasons to re-do your website. Website styles go in fads.… Read More »

Bolder Isn’t Always Better: Taming Your Design With Balance

You finally got your website launched, your website traffic is kicking butt, but your conversion just isn’t turning out the way you hoped it would. Identifying the reason why your site is not converting can be frustrating and it can feel close to impossible to solve. The truth is, there are many factors why no… Read More »

Choosing A WordPress Theme

In previous blogs, we’ve covered what a WordPress theme is, and today we’ll be walking through the process of actually picking the theme, the dos, the don’ts, and the “yebuts.” In case you aren’t aware, a “yebut” is a term used for anything in a conversation following the phrase “yea, but…” With that in mind,… Read More »

Should You Redesign Your Website?

Redesigning your website is an investment in the success of your business. But how do you know it’s the right time for a complete revamp? It can be a large and expensive overtake, but after all it is your biggest online marketing tool. 1. Your site is slow to load. It’s no secret that today’s… Read More »

The Secret to Creating a Well-Designed Website

What do most award-winning websites have in common? Is it a logo? Is it a certain color scheme? Is it a certain font family? What if I told you it was none of those things? In fact, the number one thing that makes for a stunning web design is GOOD PHOTOGRAPHY. It goes back to… Read More »

Are You Committing These Common Web Design Mistakes?

Building and creating your own website can be tough. It’s even tougher when you’re relying on it to help your business succeed. “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” as they say, and this couldn’t be truer regarding the first time a user comes across your site. First impressions are important.… Read More »

What’s a WordPress Theme, Anyway?

The overwhelming amount of technology we, as a collective people, encounter on a day-to-day basis is staggering. The grocery store has more payment methods than I can remember. We can’t even take a Sunday drive without maneuvering through 87 buttons and settings in the car… radio, windows, seat position, a/c, traction control, eco-mode, and on… Read More »

Gutenberg is Coming!

Recently, it was announced that WordPress 5.0 will come with big updates, including a new editor that will change the way you edit content on your WordPress website. Unlike the current WYSIWYG editor in WordPress, Gutenberg feels very much like many of the page builders available. Gutenberg presents a modern interface that makes writing and… Read More »

Making Your Content Easy to Digest

Your content is important, and making sure your visitors can easily read and digest your content is equally just as important. How you present your content can make the difference between someone easily finding what they are looking for or simply getting overwhelmed and leaving your website. There are many design and formatting factors that… Read More »