Optimism Versus “Realism”

Every Pessimist calls themselves a Realist. Personally, I’m one of the world’s greatest Optimists. I would like to explain why being an Optimist is both more rational and more realistic than being a Pessimist. What does this have to do with marketing, you say? Your attitude sets the stage for what you do. And it… Read More »

Winning The Google Game

You want great search engine rankings. Have you been trying for a while? Years? Maybe you don’t know where to start, confused by conflicting claims right and left. Most people have serious misunderstandings of how Google works, what it takes to rank well. What does it even MEAN to rank well? If you were hiking… Read More »

Honest Professional Website Development and Marketing

Here at thirteen05 creative we take pride in our work. Unfortunately, not everyone does. My assistant regularly contacts former prospects to see if they need anything. The other day someone told her they had chosen another company over ours (they were probably much cheaper than us). That company had taken their money and delivered nothing.… Read More »

The Changing SERP

SERP = Search Engine Results Page – what you see on your screen after doing a search. Over the years, Google has regularly made changes to make searches more valuable and to take advantage (and sometimes to introduce) new technology. The fight to appear on that page, especially high on that page, is a battle… Read More »

Are You Down With HTTPS?

Do you remember a few years ago when we had Mobilegeddon? That was when Google started penalizing websites in mobile search that weren’t mobile friendly. Well, now secure-geddon is upon us. Google has decided it’s time to secure the internet and, in doing so, all websites are being required to go HTTPS or face the… Read More »

Winter is Coming: Are You Ready?

Holiday Marketing Techniques that Work The biggest, and most competitive, time of year for e-commerce retailers is fast approaching. I know what you’re probably thinking – you’re a small retailer with no chance of outshining big box retailers, so what’s the point? The point is: you do have a chance! As long as you plan… Read More »