A Few Things To Keep Up With During The Holidays

Time to slow down for the holiday season… It’s time for family, food, presents and football! It’s also the perfect time to get ahead. It’s common for businesses to slow down, or even pause their marketing efforts during the holiday season, with the strategy of really starting strong in the new year; big mistake, huge!… Read More »

Open The Envelope!

If you are mailing something other than a post card, the first huge problem in direct mail is getting the envelope opened. Many people (I’m one) do their mail over the wastebasket. There are many proven techniques for increasing the likelihood. One of them is to do everything possible to make it look like some… Read More »

Direct Mail Success

Direct Mail isn’t what it once was, mostly because it’s gotten more expensive (thank you U.S. Postal Service) while at the same time response rates keep going down. Nevertheless it works great for many people. There are a few things you should know: 1. Sometimes people try and do small quantity mailings because of budgetary… Read More »

Direct Mail

Direct mail is a traditional form of marketing that has become much less effective over the years, to a point where many companies have abandoned it. Once people spoke confidently about getting a 1% response rate or more. Now in a lot of cases 1/10% – 1 in a thousand – is considered acceptable. That… Read More »