I’m In A Bad Mood

Actually, I’m not. I’m quite cheerful today. We use these terms all the time “good mood” and “bad mood.” Does this have anything to do with marketing? Would I be talking about it if it didn’t? The truth is, it is a subject of immense importance, that is largely ignored by marketers. This is a… Read More »

Businessmen Are People Too

If you are selling to consumers, you may want to skip this. Or not. You know my articles are informative and interesting. It may have escaped your attention that businesswomen and men are people. Maybe I should say “people first.” I think this is a big deal. I see (and hear) business communications all the… Read More »

What’s Your Website FOR?

The first question we ask when talking to someone about a new website project is the first question you should ask yourself when thinking about getting a new website developed.   WHAT IS YOUR WEBSITE FOR?   This might seem obvious and maybe it is. I just know when talking to many, many people about… Read More »

Honest Professional Website Development and Marketing

Here at thirteen05 creative we take pride in our work. Unfortunately, not everyone does. My assistant regularly contacts former prospects to see if they need anything. The other day someone told her they had chosen another company over ours (they were probably much cheaper than us). That company had taken their money and delivered nothing.… Read More »

What Las Vegas Taught Me About Marketing

Last weekend, I had the privilege of participating in a bi-annual advertising conference organized by a non-profit organization called Ad 2. Ad 2 is a division of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) and together, these groups foster professional development for advertising and marketing professional all over the country. Ad 2 especially focuses on professional development… Read More »


Amateurs is a dirty word around here. We aren’t perfect but we are professionals and try to do everything we do in a high-quality and professional manner. It is an unfortunate thing that our industry, websites and online marketing, is overrun with individuals and companies pretending to be experts.  Judging by the work they turn… Read More »

Do you have the right mindset?

Did you know there are over 15 types of mindsets people can have? Did you know they all have a different meaning? No matter what your mind set is, do you think it is the right one for a successful Project Manager? Well you are about to find out! As a project manager your key… Read More »

When In Doubt, Simplify

We often see clients with grand ideas and aspirations to create the world’s most interesting website. They dream of flashy animations, hover effects, on-scroll load states, dynamic CTA features, fancy flipping dodads, and occasionally a bouncing elf or 2. In effect, the dream of brining Willy Wonka’s factory to the digital space and letting the… Read More »

Why You Should Step Away

During the workday, do you find yourself swamped and overwhelmed? Stressing about deadlines and feeling like there’s never enough time in the day? Instead of reaching for your favorite sugary snack or second cup of coffee, what if there was a better solution to being more productive and focused? Stepping away from your work and… Read More »