Are You Down With HTTPS?

Do you remember a few years ago when we had Mobilegeddon? That was when Google started penalizing websites in mobile search that weren’t mobile friendly. Well, now secure-geddon is upon us. Google has decided it’s time to secure the internet and, in doing so, all websites are being required to go HTTPS or face the […]

Protect Yourself against Password Predators

It’s a jungle out there… and it’s full of cyber criminals looking to hack into your accounts, steal your personal information and turn your computers into mindless zombies under their control. That’s the bad news. The good news: It’s not that hard to protect yourself. It starts with proper password security. But, if you do […]

Treat Your Website Like Your Car

Like all tools and machines that consist of many moving parts, your website, as well as your car, needs a consistent and regular maintenance plan. Over time and with consistent usage, your car needs oil changes, tune-ups, bodywork and a reliable expert on everything else to run smoothly and stay reliable. It’s no surprise that […]

Catch 22

WordPress is the most widely used Content Management System. As a front-end developer, I recommend it to everyone that needs a great working website that is easy to edit. However, because WordPress is so commonly used, it’s prone to a lot of hackers and attacks! Since there are so many attacks on WordPress sites every […]

Password Security

There are bad people out there. All passwords should be of sufficient strength so as to make it hard on hackers to crack into your website or email accounts. Our recommendations: 8 or more characters long. at least one capital letter, at least one lower-case letter at least one numeral 0 to 9 at least […]

Password Security Reminder

Password security really only consists of two things. 1. Ensure that your password can’t be easily guessed. 2. Keep your password secure so others can’t read it. On the first of these. You don’t have to go crazy on password length or complication. A 7 character password, if it includes a mixture of numbers and […]

Password Changes

Those annoying required password changes? Useless. Our recommendations for password security.


One of the hazards of the Internet is “phishing.” It is a criminal effort to get you to go to what looks like a legitimate site and input information such as credit cards. There are several ways to protect yourself: 1. If it looks fishy, it almost certainly is. 2. Look at the link you […]

Password Security

I’ve written before about password security. Recently, 310 pieces of confidential corporate information from Twitter were publicly posted. Here’s the story of how it was done. Adequate password security isn’t difficult. But your main protection is the fact that probably no one is trying to hack you! Anyway, this article points out a couple of […]

Website Vulnerability Issues

If you have a website or are involved with Internet marketing in any way, you need to be aware of security issues. Not really the business we are in but some simple advice is in order from time-to-time. So I set up a new category for Security postings. Here’s an excellent video from Google about […]

Website Contact Emails

Every website needs to encourage the visitor to contact the company or otherwise take action. You want to make it easy on the visitor to contact you by whatever means they are most comfortable with. One of those methods is normally by email. However, this is a potential vulnerability for you and your site: