Silly question right, since something like 25% of all websites in the world are in WordPress? Also, 90% of the work we do is on WordPress. Don’t get me wrong. There are tons of things that are right with WordPress, and that is why it is our platform of choice. But there are definitely issues,… Read More »

Choosing A WordPress Theme

In previous blogs, we’ve covered what a WordPress theme is, and today we’ll be walking through the process of actually picking the theme, the dos, the don’ts, and the “yebuts.” In case you aren’t aware, a “yebut” is a term used for anything in a conversation following the phrase “yea, but…” With that in mind,… Read More »

WordPress vs. HTML

We often have clients expressing their concerns about building their site in WordPress, turning to an HTML site as a safe solution. Unfortunately, that is something like always taking the stairs because you got stuck once in a poorly maintained elevator. It is an overreaction to the wrong problem and it just isn’t necessary. WordPress… Read More »

Identifying and Removing Problem Plugins in WordPress

One of the advantages of WordPress is how easy it is to manage your own website. With all the plugins and themes available, adding a new feature or changing the look of your website can be very simple. Unfortunately sometimes our WordPress websites run into snags where a plugin, theme or custom feature just won’t… Read More »

Is Your Site Safe From Hackers?

These days, you’d be hard pressed to find a website that hasn’t been targeted by hackers. Whether they aimed to infiltrate the site through old software or plugins, or by using a brute force attack, there’s no doubt that some attempt was made to get under the hood. And now, it’s become blatantly more obvious… Read More »

4 Simple WordPress Plugins That Do Big Things

There are tons of WordPress plugins to choose from. Some are complex and full of features and others are small and basic. Sometimes the right tool for the job isn’t always the biggest tool. Below, you will find a list of 4 plugins that are simple to use with great return. Insert Headers and Footers… Read More »

Do You Need Website Maintenance, or Nah?

The phrase “a website is never complete” couldn’t be closer to the truth, especially today. Besides the fact that you should be constantly adding and updating the content on your site, you should also be actively performing maintenance on your website. Especially if you have a content management system like WordPress, Kentico, Magento or one… Read More »

What’s a WordPress Theme, Anyway?

The overwhelming amount of technology we, as a collective people, encounter on a day-to-day basis is staggering. The grocery store has more payment methods than I can remember. We can’t even take a Sunday drive without maneuvering through 87 buttons and settings in the car… radio, windows, seat position, a/c, traction control, eco-mode, and on… Read More »

Gutenberg is Coming!

Recently, it was announced that WordPress 5.0 will come with big updates, including a new editor that will change the way you edit content on your WordPress website. Unlike the current WYSIWYG editor in WordPress, Gutenberg feels very much like many of the page builders available. Gutenberg presents a modern interface that makes writing and… Read More »

Judging WordPress Plugins Before Installing

WordPress has thousands of plugins to help you extend the functionality of your website. Adding new tools and functionality to your existing website at the click of a button is amazing and something that should be utilized. But wait! Not every plugin is the right fit for your site. Deciding the best plugin to use… Read More »

Why WordPress?

A very large percentage of websites these days are built in WordPress, a popular Content Management System. That means it is a pre-built platform that can be used to build websites and manage their content. It automates a lot of things which otherwise would have to be done by hand. I first wrote about WordPress… Read More »

How to Update Your Entire Inventory with the Click of a Button

WordPress is an impressive CMS (content management system) with a lot of functionality; however, it does have limits. This is why it is so great that WordPress is open source. This allows for any coder to have access to their coding documentations and the ability to build their own add-ons/plugins for WordPress. Though, the plethora of… Read More »

DIY WordPress Blog (Blogception)

So you have a great WordPress website and you have created posts, but they aren’t showing up anywhere. What’s up with that? This usually means that either the theme you are using doesn’t support blog pages, or there is a setting/setup that you missed on the theme. Follow these steps to have your blog up… Read More »