I Don’t ❤ Semicolons

It’s time for one of my periodic rants. You all know the use of common punctuation such as periods (“full stop” if you’re British), commas and quotation marks. Then there’s this thing called a semicolon.      ; What the heck is a semicolon. And of what use is it to someone attempting to communicate?… Read More »

What Las Vegas Taught Me About Marketing

Last weekend, I had the privilege of participating in a bi-annual advertising conference organized by a non-profit organization called Ad 2. Ad 2 is a division of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) and together, these groups foster professional development for advertising and marketing professional all over the country. Ad 2 especially focuses on professional development… Read More »

Why You Should Step Away

During the workday, do you find yourself swamped and overwhelmed? Stressing about deadlines and feeling like there’s never enough time in the day? Instead of reaching for your favorite sugary snack or second cup of coffee, what if there was a better solution to being more productive and focused? Stepping away from your work and… Read More »

It’s Time to Rethink Your Company Benefits!

Have you been wondering how you can afford to offer benefits? And how you would manage them? Well, these are all questions I just answered for myself recently – and the answers may surprise you. First, let’s start with the easy ones: paid time off, telecommuting, sick leave, etc. These are the easiest benefits to… Read More »

Why I Am Ditching Google for DuckDuckGo

Yes, it sounds like insanity, a digital marketer, SEO specialist and reveler of the Web 2.0 zeitgeist ditching the albatross of search engines for…a duck? Of course, I’m ditching Google’s search engine on a purely personal level because if I ignored Google on a professional level, I’d be completely useless at my duties. That is… Read More »

It’s A Small World, After All

Recent flooding in Thailand have caused a global shortage and price increases in hard drives. Shortages may last more than six months. Why? Most of the world’s makers of hard drives do a significant portion of their manufacturing in Thailand. I don’t know why that is but it’s a fact. There were shortages of some… Read More »

Earth From Space

The Earth from space – reflected in an astronaut’s faceplate as he takes his own photo. Original article with larger image.

Pale Blue Dot

Looking back at Earth from distant space. Tthis is an actual photo image (read the complete description), taken by Voyager 1 from a distance of more than 4 billion miles. Earth is the little dot in the band of light right of center and a bit more than half way down:

Houston, We Have a Problem

It’s the 40th anniversary of Apollo 13’s having a little problem. This image was taken by the astronauts as the damaged module drifted away – you can see where a panel was blown off by the explosion. A dramatic reminder no matter how well planned your activities, chances are from time to time you will… Read More »


I try not to post on politically charged topics. However, sometimes I can’t resist…. “Climategate” is the name being used for the emails hacked from a major Climate Change science center. In case you haven’t read the actual emails from the East Anglia Climate Center, but are simply listening to the assessment that they do… Read More »


Happy Thanksgiving everybody. I hope and trust you have much to be thankful for. May we all have even oh so much more to be thankful for next year.