Trade Show Marketing Basics – Part 2

Let’s say you’ve found a trade show, convention or meeting at which a large number of your potential buyers are going to show up. Furthermore, you can afford it, it is scheduled at a time when you can attend and you have or can get adequate help to man the show. By the way, any… Read More »

Trade Show Marketing Basics – Part I

Well, I realized I have exactly zero articles in the blog about trade show marketing. Since trade show marketing is one of our specialties (specialities to our British friends), time to remedy. First of all, why do trade shows (and conventions, association meetings and the like)? There is no other venue where such a concentration… Read More »

Warm chocolate chip cookies

The single biggest challenge in trade show marketing is to get people to come to your booth, stop and look. This is one marketing area where gimmicks work just fine. Visual gimmicks are common but SMELLS work great. We’ve attracted visitors to a poorly located booth with a popcorn machine. A client told us recently… Read More »

KISS for trade show displays

KISS, being of course, the famous acronym for “Keep It Simple Stupid” – usually a good idea in marketing (except for the “stupid” part). There are only three things a trade show display can really do: 1. Make people stop and look. That is dependent on having one main graphic that is dramatic and colorful.… Read More »

Color Palettes

We were presented with an interesting design problem the other day. The company was very well-known and branded nationally on a conservative blue color scheme. There was also some pewter in their logo. The design was to be for a trade show display. But these must first and foremost grab eyeballs with dramatic colors and… Read More »

Trade Show Display Hardware

There are a few considerations that go into purchasing trade show display hardware. Most common are the “modular pop-up” displays. They’ve a metal grid that opens up to support the art or collapses to fit in a case for easy transport. They are available in several sizes, the most common are 8 feet high by… Read More »