Just finished reading Groundswell, highly recommended book on using social networking technologies in marketing, publicity and promotion. Written by two employees at Forrester Research, they said this in their acknowledgments: We’re very glad to have come to the end of this project as close friends, rather than, say, having strangled each other. Having conducted many… Read More »

Professional Panhandlers

It turns out there is at least one profession that is booming in this slow economy: Panhandling And note that panhandlers are trading successful actions on-line.


Words fascinate me. The word “clue” originally meant a ball-shaped mass, ultimately from a Sansksrit word meaning “ball.” Then it meant a ball of yarn or thread. Then a thread as a guide through a maze. And finally its current meanings. And then, of course, in modern idioms and usages such as “clueless” “get a… Read More »

Down the Rabbit Hole

When I started this blog, I was required to sign an attestation in blood that I wouldn’t blog very often on off-topic subjects. Just kidding. Now and then I can’t resist going on a rant. I won’t rant, but I’ll say it: Surely we are living in a mad, mad world. The new head of… Read More »

Completely Off Topic

Just in case there was any question on the Obama Administration’s orientation and priorities. This week, Tim Geithner, the Treasury Secretary, announced that they were opposed to tax exemptions for the oil and gas industry, but instead intended to increase taxes on them, because of their contributions to global warming. Not the EPA or the… Read More »