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I’m In A Bad Mood

Actually, I’m not. I’m quite cheerful today. We use these terms all the time “good mood” and “bad mood.” Does this have anything to do with marketing? Would I be talking about it if it didn’t? The truth is, it is a subject of immense importance, that is largely ignored by marketers. This is a… Read More »

User Experience

This is almost too simple. USER EXPERIENCE means the experience of the user. “Duh”, right? Joe arrives on your website. Sometime later, Joe leaves. What happens in between is HIS user experience. Of course everyone’s user experience is different. Does it matter? Is user experience something to concern yourself with? Or is it enough to… Read More »

Brand Dissonance

Here’s an important, but rarely used marketing term: “Brand Dissonance.”  There are only 2000 references in Google. It is the all-too-common practice of doing things that conflict with each other. Result: conflicting pictures of a brand. If you are a Global Cyber-Security firm, advertising in primary colors would be an example of Brand Dissonance. Primary… Read More »

Marketing Fads, Marketing Fashions

You can avoid stepping in an awful lot of dog poo, if you are aware of this. There are “Marketing Fads” and there are “Marketing Fashions.” Fashions good. Fads bad. What’s the difference, and how do you tell? And why is this such an important distinction? Read on. FASHIONS A fashion is a more-or-less organic,… Read More »

Why Don’t I Talk About Social Media?

I’m sure this question has been keeping you up sleepless at night. So I figure I’d answer it by talking about Social Media. Some of us are old enough to remember The Time Before Social Media. Then again, some of us are old enough to remember a time, after Social Media became a Thing, but… Read More »

Slogans, Taglines, Mottos

A slogan or tagline (really the same thing) is a part of the branding of a business, service, product or product line. Motto is another word that could apply. This is one of the most abused, misused and misunderstood of marketing concepts. To illustrate, here are some current and past company slogans: “We Power Success”… Read More »


Metrics, statistics, or stats, are measurements of performance. There are industries where these are more than just totally accepted – they are revered. As in, who has won the most Super Bowls? Athletes and sports teams run on metrics, from batting average to yards per carry to winning percentage and 60-yard dash time. High School… Read More »

I Don’t ❤ Semicolons

It’s time for one of my periodic rants. You all know the use of common punctuation such as periods (“full stop” if you’re British), commas and quotation marks. Then there’s this thing called a semicolon.      ; What the heck is a semicolon. And of what use is it to someone attempting to communicate?… Read More »

Who Owns Your Website?

You would think you own your website, right? Many do not. Equally important, people often don’t CONTROL their own website. I don’t think I need to go into a lengthy explanation of why this is important. Just to mention a few possible consequences: What if someone else can change your website and send business to… Read More »

Marketing and Sales: Does This Mean War?

I’ll answer the question in the headline, but first. It is the most common thing. A small business owner freely admits they know nothing about marketing. Usually they are selling themselves short. Some business owners started out as marketing people.  But usually, they succeeded in business by being really good at some product or service.… Read More »

Businessmen Are People Too

If you are selling to consumers, you may want to skip this. Or not. You know my articles are informative and interesting. It may have escaped your attention that businesswomen and men are people. Maybe I should say “people first.” I think this is a big deal. I see (and hear) business communications all the… Read More »

Different But Not TOO Different

Another very simple marketing concept. It can clarify and improve all your marketing efforts. Marketers strive for uniqueness. They feel this is how they justify their paycheck. Clients often don’t want to be too “out there.” Usually they run screaming away from controversy. There is a complete spectrum from completely “old hat” and boring, to… Read More »

How Lucky We Are!

A lot of my articles deal with things to worry about. We’ve just celebrated Thanksgiving. Let’s give thanks for the marketing opportunities and resources we have. Never before seen in the history of the world, let alone 30 years ago. 30 years ago we didn’t even have the internet. My nominees for the biggest game… Read More »

What the Heck Is A “Touch Point”?

Here’s another important marketing concept for you. One that the smallest business can easily employ to their advantage. A “touch point” is any point where your business contacts the world. Business cards, email signatures, websites, truck signage, invoice forms – you may have dozens of them. This matters. Dealing with it is easy. Doing so… Read More »