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What’s Your Website FOR?

The first question we ask when talking to someone about a new website project is the first question you should ask yourself when thinking about getting a new website developed.   WHAT IS YOUR WEBSITE FOR?   This might seem obvious and maybe it is. I just know when talking to many, many people about… Read More »

Honest Professional Website Development and Marketing

Here at thirteen05 creative we take pride in our work. Unfortunately, not everyone does. My assistant regularly contacts former prospects to see if they need anything. The other day someone told her they had chosen another company over ours (they were probably much cheaper than us). That company had taken their money and delivered nothing.… Read More »

Let’s Circle Back and Think Outside the Box

Clichés are the enemy of good content writing. The most critical contents in a website, in an ad, or in an email, are the headline or subject line and first sentence. Two contradictory tendencies war in the effort to create effective copy. Clichés such as ”think outside the box” really don’t say anything nor does… Read More »

Get Out of That Rut

We are about to head into 2019 and I’m sure vast numbers of you are making plans for the new year. That’s a good thing. If you don’t plan the future, chances are what happens won’t be to your liking. So how to go about planning your MARKETING for 2019? If you are currently rapidly… Read More »


Synergy is “the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.” The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This word explains why you should have one company do your website, your organic SEO (Search Engine… Read More »

Video on Websites

Once upon a time – in the ancient early days of the Internet, say, about 2005, video on a website was a pretty exotic thing. No more. Having video on your website is not only easy – it is highly recommended! It can add functionality, increase visitor interest, get you more leads or sales. Here’s… Read More »


Amateurs is a dirty word around here. We aren’t perfect but we are professionals and try to do everything we do in a high-quality and professional manner. It is an unfortunate thing that our industry, websites and online marketing, is overrun with individuals and companies pretending to be experts.  Judging by the work they turn… Read More »

Time for a New Website?

There are lots of good reasons for doing a new website. In fact, before the end of this article I’ll give you four of them. But let’s start with the most important of them. 1. The Site is Underperforming There are also lots of bad reasons to re-do your website. Website styles go in fads.… Read More »

What the Heck is the GDPR? Do I Care?

GDPR is “General Data Protection Regulation.”  It majorly upgrades privacy regulations, it went into effect May 25th, compliance can be complex, and violations can be very expensive (up to 4% of your company annual income). Scary, right? But this is a regulation for the EU – the European nations which are members of the European… Read More »

WordPress vs. HTML

We often have clients expressing their concerns about building their site in WordPress, turning to an HTML site as a safe solution. Unfortunately, that is something like always taking the stairs because you got stuck once in a poorly maintained elevator. It is an overreaction to the wrong problem and it just isn’t necessary. WordPress… Read More »

The Changing SERP

SERP = Search Engine Results Page – what you see on your screen after doing a search. Over the years, Google has regularly made changes to make searches more valuable and to take advantage (and sometimes to introduce) new technology. The fight to appear on that page, especially high on that page, is a battle… Read More »

Everybody Knows You Need A Website

Everyone knows they need a website. It also needs to be a GOOD website, one that does the job you want it to do – to create the right impression on potential customers and help you get more business.  But what makes a website good or bad? One of the big problems is, so many people… Read More »

Thank Google

In this Holiday week, let’s give pause to thank Google for getting a lot of things right. When Google was first founded, their motto was “Don’t Be Evil.” While they’ve dropped that, it does highlight that generally speaking, Google is trying to do right by their two major categories of customer. Millions of businesses depend… Read More »

Considering Your Competition

Marketing doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It is the height of folly to try and market something without studying the environment into which you are trying to market. Your competition is a big part of that environment. There is always competition. I don’t care how unique your product is, you are at least competing for… Read More »