A Few Things To Keep Up With During The Holidays

Time to slow down for the holiday season… It’s time for family, food, presents and football! It’s also the perfect time to get ahead. It’s common for businesses to slow down, or even pause their marketing efforts during the holiday season, with the strategy of really starting strong in the new year; big mistake, huge!… Read More »

Social engagement lessons from Denny’s

Have you been to Denny’s lately? Ok, maybe not, but have you seen their Twitter account lately? It’s genius. Seriously, it’s total genius. Right now you’re probably looking at me going ‘what in the…” as you scroll down tweets and tweets of randomness, some coherent, some non-coherent. For a lot of brands, a Twitter account… Read More »

Is One Word More Important Than The Other?

“When you write, try to leave out all the parts readers skip.” – Elmore Leonard As strange as it may sound, Mr. Leonard is correct in his thinking. No, I’m not asking you to discover some hidden power of clairvoyance lying dormant in your brain. It’s simple, know who you are writing for and don’t… Read More »