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HOW TO AVOID A TRAGEDY If you have a website, you need website hosting. Hosting is the service that provides a computer (web server) that holds your website, connects to the Internet and serves up your site to people who want to view it.  When you type in a website address (URL) you’re telling the… Read More »


This is a major trend in on-line marketing:  to force people to do things. Let me give you an example. POP-UPS I’ve been doing online marketing for 19 years and pop-ups have been with us almost that long. You know what I’m talking about. You’re navigating a website and a “box pops up” on your… Read More »


WHERE ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS? It starts with the simple question: “where are your customers?” It certainly doesn’t end there. But we’ll get to that. Right now I’m just talking about where in the world are your likely customers to be found? Obviously, a dry cleaner in Baton Rouge is not getting customers from Sacramento. This… Read More »

Google is Expanding Call-Only Ads

Though text-based platforms have increased, calls still dominate when it comes to reaching a business. That is why in 2015, Google began implementing call-only campaigns. With call-only campaigns, advertisers can focus solely on attracting calls to your business. Call-only ads are especially useful for mobile campaigns, which is why call-only ads only appear on devices… Read More »

Google Ads: Alternatives to Average Position

You may or may not have heard, but Google has decided to phase out the “average position” metric used on their Pay-Per-Click platform Google Ads by September 2019. Average position is a metric we use for all of our clients using PPC advertising, we include it on all monthly reports. While it has been useful… Read More »

Do You Have A Brand?

When you see McDonald’s Golden Arches or the Starbucks logo, you know what you are looking at. That’s branding. But It’s only a part of the story, which also includes logos, color schemes, fonts, use of graphical elements, slogans or taglines. You might think you are too small to have a brand. That this is… Read More »

Why Ad Groups are Important in Your PPC Campaign

When starting any PPC campaign, it will be structured in a way that creates an ad campaign, which will include at least one ad group, which will house your keywords and ads. The big mistake you don’t want to make is putting too much focus on improving the quality of your keywords while neglecting the… Read More »

Get into the Holiday Season with Internet Marketing

Sales tend to uptick during the holiday season and there’s a plethora of ways you can capitalize on this. Offer a Sale Of Course! If you’re a B2C business, your consumers are on the look out for the best deals on presents for family and friends. So it’s worth it to have some kind of… Read More »

What Las Vegas Taught Me About Marketing

Last weekend, I had the privilege of participating in a bi-annual advertising conference organized by a non-profit organization called Ad 2. Ad 2 is a division of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) and together, these groups foster professional development for advertising and marketing professional all over the country. Ad 2 especially focuses on professional development… Read More »

How to Tell a Good Backlink from a Bad Backlink

You are the weakest link, Goodbye!   In the world of SEO, if content is King then backlinks are Queen…in a very equal kingdom where both rulers have pretty much the same importance. Search engines like Google use links to help determine how well a page should rank in their results. Search engines don’t just… Read More »

Five Reasons Why Internet Marketing Is Important for Your Business

It is 2018 people! Why don’t you have an internet marketing strategy? What are you waiting for? If you are having some doubts or simply need convincing, here are a few reasons why having an internet marketing strategy and knowing what to do with it is critical for your business! 1 – DIRECTION Without a… Read More »

Can You Ever Run Out of SEO to Do?

Sometimes, we hit an SEO rut. Especially for mature businesses, who have had SEO services for a while, it’s easy to wonder “what more could I do?” Maybe you have a site that already ranks high for relevant search terms, already has high organic traffic, and already has a high-quality PPC campaign. In short, maybe… Read More »

Do you have the right mindset?

Did you know there are over 15 types of mindsets people can have? Did you know they all have a different meaning? No matter what your mind set is, do you think it is the right one for a successful Project Manager? Well you are about to find out! As a project manager your key… Read More »

Facebook’s Attempt at Ad Transparency: Pass or Fail?

Recently Facebook has taken a lot of heat for its questionable role in privacy protections, ethical marketing practices, and even national security. In an effort to foster more transparency, there will be a new section in a business’s Facebook page allowing any user to view all active ads that the page is currently running. In… Read More »

Short Week or Long Weekend, How to Stay on Track with Your Clients

Ever stress about keeping in touch with clients over a busy holiday week or weekend? I think we can all easily say we have experienced something of the sort at one point or another! Imagine the work week being practically finished and, with the short week and long weekend, how will your clients keep you… Read More »